Delegate Digest: Rudd on China, Lagarde’s Warning, and ExxonMobil in China

Delegate Digest:

A weekly roundup of news stories highlighting the global delegates of the Bloomberg New Economy Community and their actions taken to address the world’s most significant changes and challenges.

Kevin Rudd
, Bloomberg New Economy Forum Advisory Board Member, spoke to David Westin on Bloomberg TV about U.S.-China trade and President Trump. Rudd applauded Trump for getting China’s attention and bringing them to the table to discuss trade. What he did not endorse was the methods in which the President took to get there. He also spoke about China’s economy and said, “The Chinese Communist Party’s legitimacy depends on sustained levels of economic growth, full-employment, and rising living standards. So you don’t want to screw those things up if you’re running the Chinese economy or the Chinese political system.”


Christine Lagarde spoke this week ahead of the semi-annual IMF and World Bank meetings in Washington D.C. During part of her speech, she warned that “the global economy is at a delicate moment.”

Darren Woods
visited China this week and was told by Vice Premier Han Zheng that China welcomes ExxonMobil investments. Potentially coming soon will be expedited building of large-scale wholly-owned petrochemical projects.


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