2019 Agenda


The forum’s goal is to stimulate productive, fact-driven dialogue among participants in an effort to promote deeper understanding and develop actionable solutions on important global issues. Learn more about the topics we will discuss throughout the forum.

November 20 - Wednesday

10:00 am

Registration Opens

Registration and Delegate excursions

5:30 pm

Welcome Reception

7:30 pm

Welcome Dinner

November 21 - Thursday

8:30 am

Welcome Remarks

Welcome remarks from Zeng Peiyan, Co-Chair , Former Vice-Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China; Chairman, China Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE)

8:35 am

Opening Remarks from Michael R. Bloomberg

Opening remarks from Michael R. Bloomberg, Founder of Bloomberg L.P. and Bloomberg Philanthropies; Three-Term Mayor of New York City

8:40 am

Keynote Speech

9:00 am

State Plan to Markets: Defining Reform in China

What will the next decade of Chinese economic development look like? How does China define and prioritize its reform agenda? Could changes under way usher in a new period of cooperation between China and the West? Or will competing economic models — free-market and “socialist market economy” — be a permanent fixture?

9:40 am

A New Capitalism: Staving off Class Warfare

Capitalism must reinvent itself to survive. Can it find a compromise with critics demanding radical wealth redistribution? How can corporations redefine the idea of profit to incorporate social as well as commercial goals? And what should be the proper role of government in innovation and industrial planning?

10:15 am

Bilateral Meetings and Coffee

10:45 am

Bilateral Meetings and Breakout Sessions

  • Understanding the AI Challenge to Humanity
  • Supercities in the 21st Century: A Discussion with Chinese Mayors
  • The “China Model”: Exporting the Plan
  • Solutions Workshop: Address Physical Climate Risk
  • Solutions Workshop: Unleash Agricultural Productivity
11:45 am

Caught in the Middle: New Economy Transitions

New Economy countries face unprecedented challenges. Some are caught in the cross-fire of the U.S.-China trade dispute and an emerging technology cold war, potentially forcing them to choose sides. How do they navigate an increasingly divided world?

12:10 pm

Crisis to Stability: Managing the Next Financial Crisis

The global economy is poorly prepared for the next financial crisis; interest rates are low, and debt is still high. Are western economies doomed to follow Japan and enter a long period of stagnation? Does China have the financial strength to muscle through?

12:35 pm

Lunch Sessions

Partner sessions will be selected in advance by forum Delegates.

2:00 pm

In Conversation: Dr. Henry A. Kissinger

It has been 47 years since Dr. Kissinger changed the course of modern history with a visit to China. Where does the world’s most consequential bilateral relationship go from here?

2:25 pm

Cities: Forging a New World Order

National governments around the world are failing. Can cities step up and lead the new economy, narrowing rather than exacerbating wealth disparities, modelling solutions to climate change instead of deepening the crisis, and providing new impetus to global trade and investment?

2:50 pm

Bilateral Meetings and Coffee

3:20 pm

Bilateral Meetings and Breakout Sessions

  • Rethinking the Corporation: A New Approach to Profits and Society
  • Avoiding Catastrophe: Carbon Caps to Zero Emissions
  • Managed Trade: A Threat to the WTO
  • From Lender to Borrower: Will China Reshape the Finance World?
  • Sovereign Wealth Fund: Finding a Sustainable Future
  • Solutions Workshop: Shape Next-Generation Digital Public Infrastructure
  • Solutions Workshop: Advance Smart Cities
4:20 pm

Climate Change to Climate Action: Saving the World

Has climate change reached the point of no return? If so, what steps should the planet take to spare itself from the world consequences? If not, how should governments, working with businesses, accelerate the Paris climate goals? If governments aren’t up to the task, what is the role of new and non-traditional global actors from the worlds of civil society, philanthropy, and science?

4:45 pm

Emerging Economies Shift to Renewable Energy

India and China will be responsible for almost half of additional energy demand until 2040, driven by millions of new middle class consumers buying apartments, cars and appliances. What will be the impact on global oil demand? What mix of oil, gas and renewables will power a global economy poised to double in size over the next generation?

5:10 pm

In Conversation: Bill Gates

A discussion with Bill Gates on the impact climate change is having on global health issues.

6:30 pm

Cocktail Reception

7:30 pm

Gala Dinner

November 22 - Friday

7:30 am

Breakfast and Arrivals

8:30 am

Welcome Remarks

Welcome Remarks from Justin B. Smith, CEO of Bloomberg Media

8:40 am

Opening Remarks

Opening remarks from Henry M. Paulson Co-Chair, New Economy Forum, Former U.S. Treasury Secretary; Chairman, Paulson Institute

9:00 am

Borderless Innovation to Silicon Curtain: A New Divide

U.S.-China strategic rivalry threatens to divide the technology world. Will a “Silicon Curtain” fall through the cross-border innovation networks that drive global progress? Could barriers to talent, people and capital induce an “innovation winter”?

9:45 am

4G to 5G

5G networks offer new hope to developing countries by leveling the global technology playing field. Yet, its rollout is embroiled in U.S.-China disputes over security centered on Huawei. Will the global technology revolution redefine the meaning of “competition” and “cooperation?” And how will it change the world of manufacturing and business? If this project fails to deliver on its promises, will it create a new global digital divide?

10:10 am

Bilateral Meetings and Coffee



10:40 am

Bilateral Meetings and Breakout Sessions

  • Digital Currencies: Big Tech’s Challenge to Big Finance
  • Electric Dreams: India and China Reshape the Auto World
  • The Ethics of Next Generation: Biotechnology
  • Big Data and State Power: Protecting the Individual
  • Aging Societies: The Economies of Living to 100
  • Investing in Africa: Opportunities and New Growth Models in Angola, Sponsored by AIPEX
  • Solutions Workshop: Unlock Inclusive Trade
  • Solutions Workshop: Expand Access to Secure Digital Forms of Identification


11:40 am

Rethinking AI: An Engine for Job-Creation

A gathering expert consensus sees Artificial Intelligence destroying jobs and, potentially, kicking away the ladder to prosperity for emerging economies. But is this view too pessimistic? Can we imagine a different future where AI augments human talent rather than replacing it, in the process creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs and narrowing economic and gender disparities?


12:05 pm

Supply Chains Go Regional

Global supply chains are breaking apart. Increasingly, multinationals see over-reliance on China as a vulnerability. Equally, China views low-end assembly as a liability as it upgrades its industrial structure. Automation also enables the re-sourcing of manufacturing. What is the impact on Vietnam, Mexico, Bangladesh, Indonesia and other countries that could benefit from more fragmented supply chains?

12:30 pm

Lunch Sessions

Partner sessions will be selected in advance by forum Delegates.

1:50 pm

Bilateral Meetings and Breakout Sessions

  • Trading Data Bazaars in the Cloud
  • Silk Roads to Super Highways
2:45 pm

Is the World Really Flat? Protectionism and Populism Reveal Craters

The global economy is cratering in places amid the rise of populism and protectionism in the rich world. Is the era of open trade over? If so, what does that mean for poorer countries in Africa and other New Economies that are hoping to climb the ladder to prosperity through manufacturing? In the absence of trade as a primary growth driver, what are the new models of development?

3:25 pm

Looking Ahead to 2020: What's Next for the New Economy

David Rubenstein has an in-depth conversation with some of the most influential business leaders in the world.

4:00 pm

Bilateral Meetings