2020 New Economy Forum – Agenda

All times for the following event are in EST – Eastern Standard Time.

November 16 - Monday

8:00 am

Day 1: Finance/Trade Part 1

Opening Address of the Bloomberg New Economy Forum


Michael R. Bloomberg

Founder of Bloomberg L.P. & Bloomberg Philanthropies and Three-term Mayor of New York City
8:05 am

Spotlight: #OurNewEconomy: The Global Fight Against Inequality

Epidemics show the world as it really is. Covid-19 has exposed a deep sickness in global society: inequality. Will the recovery entrench divisions, or can humanity build back together, regardless of race, ethnicity or income level?

8:40 am

Panel: A ‘New Deal’ for Workers

Low-income essential workers suffered disproportionately in Covid-19 lockdowns. Their livelihoods are now threatened by a wave of digitization, and reduced spending on travel and leisure by the wealthy, which will exacerbate inequality. As governments and companies begin the task of economic rebuilding, what would a new social contract look like?


Chris Kempczinski

President and Chief Executive Officer , McDonald's Corporation

Ginni Rometty

Executive Chairman , IBM

Stephen Schwarzman

Chairman, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer , Blackstone

Tharman Shanmugaratnam

Senior Minister , Republic of Singapore


Jason Kelly

Co-Anchor , Bloomberg Businessweek Television and Radio
9:20 am

The Post-Covid World Order


Henry A. Kissinger

Advisory Board Honorary Chair; Former U.S. Secretary of State and National Security Advisor , Kissinger Associates


John Micklethwait

Editor-in-Chief , Bloomberg
9:35 am

Panel: Deglobalization? Reglobalization? Slowbalization?

The global pandemic has exacerbated U.S.-China tensions and created new barriers to cross-border movement of goods, services, money and people. Does globalization thrust into reverse, or continue advancing at a regional and local level?


Cecilia Malmström

Former European Commissioner for Trade

Ning Jizhe

Vice Chairman , National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC)

Luis Alberto Moreno

Former President , Inter-American Development Bank

Rajesh Subramaniam

President and Chief Operating Officer , FedEx


Richard Haass

President , Council on Foreign Relations
10:15 am

Panel: Main Street or Wall Street? A New Mandate for Central Banks

Central banks have flooded the capital markets with liquidity to prop up prices, begging the question: Do they exist to serve Wall Street or Main Street? If central banks had a new mandate to build a more equal society, what would they have in their toolkit?


Mervyn King (Lord King of Lothbury)

Former Governor , Bank of England

Raghuram Rajan

Former Governor , Reserve Bank of India

Lawrence Summers

President Emeritus and the Charles W. Elliot University Professor , Harvard University


Stephanie Flanders

Head of Bloomberg Economics , Bloomberg
11:00 am

Closing Address with Henry M. Paulson


Henry M. Paulson

Advisory Board Co-Chair; Former U.S. Treasury Secretary; Chairman, Paulson Institute
7:00 pm

Day 1: Finance/Trade Part 2

Opening and Welcome


Zeng Peiyan

Former Vice Premier of the State Council, PRC; Chairman, CCIEE

Advisory Board Co-Chair

7:10 pm

In Conversation with Lee Hsien Loong on the Future of Trade


Lee Hsien Loong

Prime Minister of the Republic of Singapore


John Micklethwait

Editor-in-Chief , Bloomberg
7:25 pm

Panel: The Post-Pandemic World

The coronavirus has devastated lives and livelihoods around the globe. Borders have been sealed, cities locked down. The impact has disproportionately affected blue-collar workers in almost every country, from restaurant staff to hospital cleaners, while setting back economic development among the world’s developing nations— and returning tens of millions into poverty. The world must come together to meet this unprecedented challenge, yet Covid-19 has exacerbated geopolitical rivalries. Who will lead the global revival?

7:55 pm

Panel: U.S. and China in the 21st Century

The world’s two largest economies risk decoupling, even though businesses in both countries see opportunities in closer ties in areas from finance to technology — and policymakers in both Beijing and Washington have a mutual interest to collaborate on pressing global problems like climate change. How can the U.S. and China balance legitimate security concerns with the imperative to keep trading and investing? Where is the new U.S.-China equilibrium?


Kevin Rudd

Former Prime Minister, Australia; President, Asia Society Policy Institute


Charlene Barshefsky

Senior International Partner , WilmerHale

Xinghai Fang

Vice Chairman , China Securities Regulatory Commission

Gary Cohn

Former Assistant to the U.S. President for Economic Policy; Former Director of the National Economic Council


Andrew Browne

Editorial Director, Bloomberg New Economy Forum
8:35 pm

Panel: The Rise of Regional Champions: The Search for Resilience in a Fragmenting Global Economy

As the global economy fragments, multinationals are building resilience by diversifying production around the world, while portfolio investors look for safety in new countries and companies. Where are the opportunities in the Middle East, Latin America and other emerging economies? Who will be the new regional champions?


H.E. Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber

Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology, UAE; Group CEO, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)

Bruce Flatt

Chief Executive Officer , Brookfield Asset Management

Ángel Gurría

Secretary-General , Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development

Rania Al-Mashat

Minister of International Cooperation , Arab Republic of Egypt


Manus Cranny

Anchor , Bloomberg Television

November 17 - Tuesday

8:00 am

Day 2: Cities Part 1

Welcome Remarks


Michael R. Bloomberg

Founder of Bloomberg L.P. & Bloomberg Philanthropies and Three-term Mayor of New York City
8:20 am

Panel: New “Cities of Light”

Cholera and yellow fever spurred 19th century New York to create Central Park; London installed sewerage and drainage systems; overcrowded Paris transformed itself into the “City of Light.” How can cities use this moment to imagine a better urban environment?


Lord Foster OM

President, Norman Foster Foundation and Founder and Executive Chairman, Foster + Partners

Edward Glaeser

Professor of Economics , Harvard University

Yu Liang

Chairman of the Board , Vanke


Reuben Abraham

Chief Executive Officer , IDFC Institute
9:00 am

Panel: Digital Cities

From Seattle to Shanghai, urban lockdowns have propelled the rise of digital enterprises, while hastening the demise of countless restaurants, bars, and corner stores. Can technology save cities? Or will the urban economies that emerge from Covid-19 replicate the bubble of the Roaring Twenties?


Jean Liu

President , Didi Chuxing

Carlo Ratti

Director of SENSEable City Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Neil Shen

Steward , Sequoia Capital


Emily Chang

Anchor , Bloomberg Television
9:40 am

New Economy Game Changers on Cities

9:45 am

Panel: Startup Cities: The Post-Pandemic Reboot

A good way to build urban prosperity: invest in communities. Lifting the most neglected populations through better housing and infrastructure will boost consumption, while improving health and the environment. Cities are the engines of growth and are the place where connections are made. How will it work if people choose to work outside of cities? What does the future look like for office culture and urban life?


Mohamed Alabbar

Founder , Emaar Properties

KT Rama Rao

Minister for IT, Industries and Urban Development , Government of Telangana, India

Xin (Shynn) Zhang

Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer , SOHO China


Jonathan Woetzel

Senior Partner, McKinsey & Company
10:30 am

Panel: The Changing World Order: Impact on the Global Economy

7:00 pm

Day 2: Cities Part 2

Welcome Remarks


Zhang Xiaoqiang

Executive Vice Chairman and Chief Executive Officer , China Center for International Economic Exchanges (CCIEE)
7:35 pm

Panel: Financing the “Real” Economy

Too little of the world’s savings is channeled into investment and growth. Will the pandemic force a fundamental rethink of the goals of finance? How can banks and other financial institutions shore up small and medium-sized enterprises buried under the Covid-19 economic collapse?


Ajay Banga

President and Chief Executive Officer , Mastercard

Lei Zhang

Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer , Hillhouse Capital Management Group


Caroline Hyde

Anchor , Bloomberg Television
8:15 pm

Panel: After the Lockdown: The Future of Travel

When the world starts traveling again, where will we go, how will we get there — and will we be welcome once we arrive? The travel question goes beyond just tourism dollars: a disrupted global travel system has huge implications for labor markets, cross-border investment, supply chains and ultimately the entire structure of the global economy. How will the global travel industry reinvent itself?


Karen Chan

Chief Executive Officer , AirAsia.com

Arnold W. Donald

President and Chief Executive Officer , Carnival Corporation & plc

Arne Sorenson

President and Chief Executive Officer , Marriott International

Jane Sun

Chief Executive Officer , Trip.com Group

November 18 - Wednesday

8:00 am

Day 3: Climate Part 1

Welcome Remarks


Michael R. Bloomberg

Founder of Bloomberg L.P. & Bloomberg Philanthropies and Three-term Mayor of New York City
8:05 am

Panel: Jobs, Growth, Sustainability: The Case for a Green Recovery

Covid-19 is a warning. Climate change is a looming disaster of vastly greater proportions. A green — G-shaped — recovery will create jobs, improve competitiveness and accelerate growth. How can governments, companies and investors align on how to build back better and stronger?


Gita Gopinath

Economic Counsellor and Director of Research Department , International Monetary Fund

Natarajan Chandrasekaran

Executive Chairman , Tata Sons

Carlos Brito

Chief Executive Officer , Anheuser-Busch InBev

Frans Timmermans

Executive Vice-President for the European Green Deal , European Commission


Aaron Rutkoff

Executive Editor , Bloomberg Green
8:50 am

Panel: Unleashing the Power of the Green Consumer

Consumers increasingly demand green products and services. How is the power of the consumer changing, especially in a social media-driven world where reputations can be built and lost in days? How can retail brands move beyond green marketing and toward new business models to build consumer loyalty around sustainability?  


Rose Marcario

Former Chief Executive Officer , Patagonia

Takeshi Niinami

Chief Executive Officer , Suntory


Francine Lacqua

Anchor , Bloomberg Television
9:35 am

New Economy Game Changers on Climate

9:40 am

Panel: Energy’s New “Prize”

The history of oil has been framed as an epic struggle for wealth and power. More importantly, though, it has been about economics and modernization. What do the economics of supply and demand tell us about the future energy requirements of high, middle and low income countries? How will new fuels help some countries modernize, cleaning the air and improving health? How can 21st Century corporations be clean, green and mean?


Mark Carney

Finance Adviser to the Prime Minister for COP 26 and UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance

José Ignacio Sánchez Galán

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer , Iberdrola

Ernest Moniz

Former U.S. Secretary of Energy; Chief Executive Officer, Energy Futures Initiative


Alix Steel

Anchor , Bloomberg Television
10:20 am

Panel: Investing in Net Zero

Whether equities, corporate debt, gilts or indexes, investors are demanding green investments. But what is green? How should investors benchmark performance? Is it better to divest or push for change from the inside?


Leila Fourie

Group Chief Executive Officer , Johannesburg Stock Exchange

Ma Jun

Founding Director , Institute of Public and Environmental Affairs

Scott Minerd

Cofounder & Global Chief Investment Officer , Guggenheim Partners

Noel Quinn

Group Chief Executive , HSBC


Nathaniel Bullard

Chief Content Officer , BloombergNEF
7:00 pm

Day 3: Climate Part 2

Welcome Remarks


Peter T. Grauer

Chairman , Bloomberg
7:10 pm

CEO Spotlight: In Conversation with Larry Fink


Laurence D. Fink

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer , BlackRock, Inc.


David M. Rubenstein

Co-Founder and Co-Executive Chairman, The Carlyle Group

Advisory Board Member

7:15 pm

Spotlight on ‘Just Energy transition’


André de Ruyter

Group Chief Executive , Eskom


Andrew Browne

Editorial Director , Bloomberg New Economy
7:40 pm

Panel: A “Just Transition”: Pathways to a Low-Carbon Energy Future

Covid-19 shows that humankind’s relationship with nature is broken. Many of the root causes of climate change, including deforestation, also make societies more vulnerable to pandemics. Scores of countries, including China, have pledged to become carbon neutral. What are the pathways to net-zero? How can industries from power generation, to finance, to the auto sector work with governments to lead the transformation without leaving anyone behind? The fate of our planet is at stake.


Darius Adamczyk

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer , Honeywell

Anshula Kant

Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer , World Bank Group

Jean-Pascal Tricoire

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer , Schneider Electric


Zhu Min

Former Deputy Managing Director, IMF; Former Deputy Governor, PBOC; Chairman, National Institution of Financial Research, Tsinghua University
8:20 pm

Panel: Asia’s Energy Destiny

Energy demand in Asia is growing faster than anywhere else, and Asia is already the world’s largest source of carbon emissions. The future composition of the global energy mix – and, to a significant extent, the future of the planet — will largely be shaped by the continent, and by China and India especially. What energy sources will fuel Asia’s future growth? Can China and India turn away from coal as they restart their economies? Will the battle against climate bring the world together, or create new sources of geopolitical tension?


Jin Liqun

President , Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

Yeo Bee Yin

Member of Parliament for Bakri; Former Minister of Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climate Change , Malaysia


Haslinda Amin

Chief International Correspondent for Southeast Asia , Bloomberg Television

November 19 - Thursday

8:00 am

Day 4: Health

Welcome Remarks


Justin B. Smith

Chief Executive Officer , Bloomberg Media
8:10 am

Spotlight: Virus Hunters

Wild animals are hosts to thousands of deadly viruses, some with the potential to infect humans. We speak to some of the scientists studying zoonotic pathogens about the lessons learned from Covid-19 — and how to head off the next pandemic.


Linfa Wang

Professor, Programme in Emerging Infectious Diseases , Duke-NUS Medical School

Peter Daszak

President , EcoHealth Alliance

Anne W. Rimoin

Professor of Epidemiology , UCLA Fielding School of Public Health


Andrew Browne

Editorial Director , Bloomberg New Economy
8:30 am

Panel: Never Again: Rebuilding Global Public Health

Covid-19 cost hundreds of thousands of lives and trillions in economic damage. Entire populations have been thrown back into poverty. How can the world ensure that such a catastrophe never reoccurs?


Regina Dugan

Chief Executive Officer , Wellcome Leap

Stéphane Bancel

Chief Executive Officer , Moderna
9:10 am

CEO Spotlight: In Conversation with Anne Wojcicki


Anne Wojcicki

Chief Executive Officer , 23andMe


David M. Rubenstein

Co-Founder and Co-Executive Chairman , The Carlyle Group
9:20 am

Panel: The Age of Digital Health

The pandemic has accelerated what might have been a 10-year adoption curve for digital medicine into a few months. How can the world scale up the digital migration of every aspect of healthcare, from wellness, to medical records, to deployment of AI to training, consumer and provider behavior?


Nandan Nilekani

Chairman and Co-Founder , Infosys Limited

Mike Wells

Group Chief Executive , Prudential plc

Lauren Gardner

Associate Professor, Department of Civil and Systems Engineering , Johns Hopkins Whiting School of Engineering
9:50 am

New Economy Game Changers on Health

9:55 am

Panel: Saving Lives and Livelihoods in Africa

Africa faces an unprecedented public health catastrophe. What role can China’s “Health Silk Road” play in rebuilding the continent’s stressed health systems? How can the rich world answer Africa’s urgent funding needs?


Abiy Ahmed Ali

Prime Minister , Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia


Aliko Dangote

President and Chief Executive , Dangote Industries Limited

Graça Machel

Founder, Graça Machel Trust; Former Minister of Education and Culture, Republic of Mozambique

Strive Masiyiwa

Founder and Executive Chairman , Econet Wireless


Zain Verjee

Founder & Chief Executive Officer , Zain Verjee Group
10:30 am

Closing Panel: #OurNewEconomy

Rebuilding a shattered global economy begins by acknowledging a reality: public health is the foundation of global prosperity and security. We are all in this together: no country can be safe until every country is safe. How can we restore trust in multilateral institutions? Where is the new resilience?